Chronic-Dev Team has done extremely good In jailbreaking Field. Now Hill tol via Twitter that They are leaving from today and now they will focus on thier future now and will try to forget their past.

If you really do not know about Chronic-Dev Team, then you must get some knowledge about it. Chronic-Dev team has rule in the world of Hacking and Jailbreaking in the last Four years. Chronic-Dev team has done some remarkable work in the jailbreaking field. For those people who do not knw about this team, I will give you some purposeful information about this team.

This team includes different Hackers. Among them is P0sixninja, his real name is Joshua Hill. he has done extremely well in the jailbreaking Field. He is working with this team for more than two Years. Hill has done some great work including

  1. GreenPoison
  2. Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter
  3. Absinthe

Dev-Chronic Team includes 8 members. Their names are mentioned below for your Knowledge.

1) P0sixninja

2) Pod2G

3) Nikias

4) DHowett (bile)

5) Westbaer

6) Semaphore

7) OPK

8) Jan0

We are going to announce you a bad news. Hill tweeted toay that today is the end of Chronic-Dev Team. Hill further said that now he will concentrate more towards his future. We tried to find out the reason behind all this scenario but all n vain. Many reasons came to mind if you think about it. The first reason may be because of the difficulty of jailbreaking because unlike past it is not a easy job to do now. The other possible reason may be the high standards of Security of Apple. Due to such tight security it was really tough for the team to jailbreak. May be the members want some rest now and want to spend their life by forgetting their past.

We have come across a new Hacking Team named Evad3rs. This team has 4 members naming MuscleNerd, PanetBeing, Pod2G and Primskeks. Pod2G was also the member of Chronic-Dev Team. we are not sure what game is being played inside the door. We are curious about this thing and will inform you as soon as we will receive latest updates regarding Chronic-Dev Team. In the end thanks to Chronic-Dev Team for their outstanding work over the years.