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Blackberry 10 Dev Aplha

The company is finally launching its new Blackberry OS 10 on 28th january 2013, Research in Motion (RIM) is leaving no stones unturned to make sure it can rival the big players such as Apple and Google.Blackberry 10 will give access users to movies,TV programs released on same day.Company has also lowered Apps prices by 25 percent.

Blackberry 10 OS Features

The Next Web reports, Blackberry will feature contents from some of the famous Film and TV studios including BBC,ABC,National Geographic Channel,STUDIOCANAL, The Walt Studios,Universal Pictures (UK), Warner Bros,20th century Fox.

Movie downloads will initially be restricted to United States, United Kingdom and Canada, while the DRM-free music section will be available in no fewer than 18 countries, including: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

RIM has also lowered the prices of apps by 25 percent on Blackberry World to make it more attractive for its users. Apps are as inexspensive as £1 to £0.75.Company will soon unveil another model with physical QWERTY kerboard and all touch screen it will also be optimized for BB10.

Blackberry Z10

This model will be all-touch screen.It will also feature 4.2 inches screen and the maximum resolution 1280 x 768 pixels , an 8-megapixel camera.