Samsung has launched a number of remarkable handsets during the whole year and thus adding to this awesome list now, they have introduced a robust handset Xcover 2 which is designed purposely for those people who may encounter the moist or dusty environment during the course of their regular work. It runs on Android Jelly Beans(4.1), has 5 mega pixels camera and 4 inch display. More details are explained later.

Samsung offers a wide range of smartphones for all types of the customers according to their need and budgets. Like there is Galaxy S III for the users who expect high specs and more utilities while Galaxy mini is for the consumers who want to have fewer specs and budget. The Xcover 2 takes a slightly different approach to the vast majority of the company’s Android-based releases to date, and it is a device ready to bear the effects of rain, sand and dust that one might encounter while out and on travels.

Xcover 2 is dust proof and sand proof. It is also water proof up to a limit of depth of one meter into the water. Also if the water is clear then you can enjoy having the pictures in the water with great resolution.
Xcover 2 has the great battery timing just like the rough smartphones having a great battery life with a 1700mAh battery. The Xcover 2 has a front facing VGA camera mostly used for video capturing while chatting on skype video calling. Also there is a 4GB internal memory, which can be expanded up to a total of 36GB thanks to the microSD card slot.
Xcover 2 is well suited for the explorers who have to travel a lot and during their travel they have to come across dusty or rainy environment which can affect the working and display of most handsets. It is also suited for the people who work mostly in the muddy environment just like working on building site and people are forced to stay away from the latest technology handsets as they don’t act properly and are damaged in such kind of environment but the fact that Xcover 2 is sand, dust and water proof has made it more reliable handset of all times which is suitable for any type of environment.