During 2012 Google submitted a number of great applications to the iOS App Store and thus made a significant impression on the mobile world. The Chrome browser became most used, the Gmail app was greatly updated as well as  the official Capture application was introduced that is available for the iPhone and iPad. Google is still trying its best to introduce more iPhone apps and development of their mobile apps is clearly continuing during 2013.Google has now made a first major update to the YouTube Capture app going live today.

The Google YouTube Capture app became successful when it was first released due to the fact that it was very simple and it was just like all the other existing iOS apps. It just followed the same methodology and the designs of the previous apps before it so that people may adopt it easily without hesitation or difficulty. They followed the rule that it is a consistency that promotes user adoption through familiarity. The purpose of the app is that the users may capture the videos effectively and easily upload it on YouTube and now in its first major update Google brings improvements to both video and audio aspects of the app.

In the earlier version of this app it was a restriction that the user may not upload the video with a quality higher than 720p that seemed a little strange but it still got much appreciation but now they have allowed the users to process full 1080p uploads to YouTube from the app. So the first part of the update is the most important one according the user’s point of view as they will be able to upload a higher quality video now, with the help of this app.
The videos in addition to the greater quality have now becomes easier and faster to upload as with the help of the updated app now the videos will directly go to the Google severs in the quickest way possible and from there they will be transferred to YouTube in no time. Finally Google has improved the app by including audio synchronization enhancements, providing an improved experience for those who use it regularly to populate their YouTube accounts.