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Have you ever wondered how a single model of mobile phone set by any company can change its destiny. If no! We have compiled a list of top 10 best selling mobile phones which you may also find a bit nostalgic.

Top four bestselling mobiles phones belong to a company which is struggling badly to sustain in the market…Yes! Nokia tops the list with Nokia 1110 at no one spot followed by Nokia 3210, Nokia 1200 and Nokia 2600. This list is based on the best information available.

1.Nokia 1110 


Nokia sold 250 million units of Nokia’s 1110 model in a less competitive market then which gave a huge boost to it’s sales.

2.Nokia 3210


Nokia sold 160 millions units of Nokia’s 3210 model in 1999.

3.Nokia 1200


Decently shaped Nokia’s 1200 hit a record sales of 150 million units in 2007.

4,5.Nokia 3310, 2600

Nokia recorded 135 million and 136 million sales of its 3310 and 2600 models respectively.


Nokia 3310


Nokia 2600

6.Motorola RAZR V3


Motorola secures 5th place in the list with sale of record 130 million units in 2004.

7,8.Nokia 6010,1208


Nokia sold 75 millions and 100 millions units each respectively with the launch of 6010 in 2004 and in 2007.

It might a bit surprising because iPhone and Galaxy are still behind in the list.

9.iPhone 4S


iPhone 4S launched in 2011 managed to sell 60 million units.

10.Galaxy SII, III


Galaxy SII, III launched in 2011 & 12 sold 40 million units each.