If you are interested in Politics or current affairs, then you must know about the inauguration of President Obama. He is being inaugurated for his second term today. This inauguration will attract every people in Washington, DC.

Many people who live other part of America or other countries and it is not possible for them to join Obama, There is a new App for iOS and Android. This App is made by White House. You can surely celebrate the occasion by using this app if you are unable to attend the ceremony.The app is not just the live streaming of President Obama. It is something more than that. This app has many other features also including

  • Recent Photos Of President
  • Short Clips Of President
  • Connection to the White House Blog
  • Additional Details On Today’s Event


If you do not live in Capital, The app will still be very useful as it is made to promote local events in areas outside Washington,DC. The app has another unique feature that the App itself detects your location an tells you about the upcoming events automatically. You can also post videos and photos as a status on Facebook and Twitter.

Internet and the Social Media was always very important aspect of President Obama’s Administration. President focused largely on Social websites to get support for some of its policies.


Barack Obama’s Inauguration ceremony will start at 11 AM. People from areas outside the America can use this app to become the part of this ceremony.