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Indicted Internet tycoon Kim dotcom lives in a $24m mansion in New Zealand. He is a founder of banned Megaupload file-sharing website once the most popular platform that allowed sharing of copyright material,earned Mr Kim Dotcom around $175 million (£111m).His website was banned for violating copyright laws in last January. He has launched a new storage service, Mega, which gives 50 GBs of free storage.

In January 2012 ,His mansion was raided resulting his and his three colleagues arrest.The arrest operation was given a name of ‘ Operation Takedown’ , the raid involved 76 armed police , intelligence officers and helicopters. Here is the video of raid on his mansion.

Launch of ‘ Mega ‘

Some 250,000 users registered with Mega within two hours of it’s launch on Sunday. It will allow it’s users upto 50Gbs of storage and encryption system which will restrict the access to the files of uploader unlike Maegaupload where anyone could look for copyrighted material.


According to Mr Dotcom this site will comply with the copyright laws and it’s been launched in good faith. But experts have different opinion about the website they still have concerns because the website does not even know what files are being stored on the website.

Although Mr Dotcom may have to face extradition to US in near future but nothing could help him back from throwing a lavish party at his multi millions mansion where they poked fun at last year’s raid on Mr Dotcom’s place.