Apple will probably consider the discontinuity of it’s sequential naming of iPhone’s next generation which will be it’s 6th-genertion as Apple did during the launch of it’s third-generation iPad by simply calling it ‘’ the new iPad’’ while the experts and nonexperts were expecting a follow-on name which according to them would probably be ‘’ iPad 3 ‘’ to the second-generation iPad 2. It was termed as lazy branding by many experts.

It is not just Apple that suffers the dilemma of how to brand the next generation of an existing products there are many other companies which share the same dilemma with Apple. An enormous amount of resources are allocated these days when it comes to new-product branding but surprisingly nobody really has paid a close attention to the issue of branding a successive generation.

Before discussing about the speculation about new name of iPhone’s 6th-generation let’s look at what marketing gurus have to say about branding a successive generation. John T. Gourville and Elie Ofek teamed up with London Business School professor Marco Bertini (HBS DBA ’06) to determine best practices for branding next-generation products.

According to professor Ofek consumers pay less attention to any product’s specs to get an idea about it’s new features but new name catches their attention more. Many companies continue to follow sequential naming of their products such as ( Sony’s successive playstation, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 or the opposite approach of new names. Series of experiments were conducted to observe how consumers respond when a company changes it’s products next-generation name branding.

How A Simple Change of iPhone 6th-generation Can Change The Expectations Of Apple’s Loyal Users

A slightest change in Apple’s 6th-generation phones will make Apple’s job tough to satisfy it’s users expectations. This experiment gives us a clear picture of what happens when a company changes it’s product’s new-generation name.

In an experiment 78 participants were divided into two groups , Group I and group II. They were put into a hypothetical scenario where a famous is planning to launch it’s new version of it’s color printers and they were given a list of seven successive model names. For the first group the printers were branded in a sequential approach from 2300W to 2900W whereas for the group II  first four printers were branded sequentially but last were named Magicolor I , Magicolor II , Magicolor III.

Participants were witnessed to indicate a significant changes and improvements for each successive model based on the change of names alone even though they had no information about features of the printers.

With the name change group II was noticed to expect completely new or different changes in last three models  Magicolor I to Magicolor III.

Iphone 6 expected Release Date And Design


Given the fact that apple keeps it very secret when it comes to the launch of it’s any new-generation products but the rumour has it that Apple will launch iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 in spring 2013 with new astonishing features.


Iphone 6 Expected features

 Fingerprint Detection

Improved camera with up to 13 megapixels

More range of colours

Large screen