Facebook has come up with another incredible feature allowing it’s US users to make free audio call if they have FB messenger installed on their iphones. According to facebook the feature will soon be available to use for Android and Blackberry users.

The only bad news is that it is only available for US users but Facebook is working to make it available across the world for it’s users.

Users can not yet make a video call and the reason being is the skype was recently integrated into facebook’s website that enables it’s users to make video call, thus FB app messenger is only limited to voice call only.


The feature is useful for the heavy talkers who can avoid heavy phone bills by making free calls on their Facebook IOS messenger.

In a recent development on Tuesday, Facebook also unveiled a smart search engine – called Graph Search – that allows users to make “natural” searches of content shared by their friends.


Two easy steps to make a voice call on FB messenger

1       Within the app open the conversation with partner you want to make voice call to.

2       Tap the “i” icon in the upper right hand corner and select “Free Call”.